Hydrotherapy Four Paws acquired by The Canine Fitness Centre

Hydrotherapy Four Paws, a beloved establishment known for its exceptional care and dedication to small animal wellness, is thrilled to announce its acquisition by The Canine Fitness Company. This exciting transition marks a new chapter for Hydrotherapy Four Paws, ensuring its legacy of excellence and commitment to the well-being of our furry friends continues without interruption.

Despite the change in ownership, clients can rest assured that Hydrotherapy Four Paws will maintain its unwavering standard of care and service. There will be no staffing changes, and business operations will continue as usual, preserving the trusted relationships built over the years.

The Canine Fitness Company who are better known The Canine Fitness Centre with existing clinics in Petersfield and Portsmouth are the largest independent group of Veterinary Rehabilitation Clinics in Hampshire. The decision to entrust with the future of Hydrotherapy Four Paws was made with careful consideration with the company sharing our values of compassion, professionalism, and dedication to improving the lives of animals. Their commitment to excellence and their passion for canine health and wellness align perfectly with the ethos of Hydrotherapy Four Paws.

The Canine Fitness Centre is honoured to take on the responsibility of stewarding Hydrotherapy Four Paws into the future. The acquisition is a serendipitous full circle for both Hydrotherapy Four Paws and the Directors of The Canine Fitness Company who started their careers in the industry at the Wickham centre.

Clients and their furry companions can expect a seamless transition as Hydrotherapy Four Paws joins forces with The Canine Fitness Centre. We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and are dedicated to ensuring that every dog that walks through our doors receives the exceptional care and attention they deserve.