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A little retail therapy!

We are pleased to stock the following quality brands at the centre.

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At Billy + Margot they make a range of nutritious, healthy and delicious treats for dogs.

All of their products are ‘Made in Britain’.

All of their treats are gluten and grain free, dairy free and hypoallergenic. They believe in using raw and natural ingredients only.

Their iced treats can be eaten and enjoyed all year round. Simply hold the tub and let your dog lick away. The iced treats come in three flavours: Strawberry + Apple, Apple, Banana + Carrot and Honey + Banana, and are 100% vegetarian and made only from human ingredients (yes you can try them yourself!)

Their venison treats are made using 100% venison and they are air-dried slowly to retain all the nutrients. The treats range includes: Treats, Chew sticks, Marrow bones and Liver bites.

Billy + Margot believe that rewarding your dogs should be fun for you, and for your dog.
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The HOTTERdog Coat is neatly darted to fit the dog's back offering complete comfort and warmth with the minimum of fuss, perfect for easy use and for the less flexible or compliant dog.

The fleece is amazingly water-repellent, warm, washable and extremely effective for drying wet dogs being used extensively for competition and working dogs as well as for after hydrotherapy.

The wicking property of the fleece allows for speedy drying of the wet dog after swimming, bathing or exercise in lousy weather.

Lightweight, easy-care and water repellent with a sturdy adjustable belly strap, the Dog Coat is ideal for the dog and practical owner.
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Dog Collars
RedDingo dog collars are made with premium nylon webbing, solid stainless steel D-rings and their trademarked buckle bone side release buckle.
Dog Leads
Their dog leads are made with premium nylon webbing and their interchangeable lead clips.
Dog Harnesses
Their dog harnesses are made with premium nylon webbing, plated carbon steel D-rings and their trademarked buckle bone side release buckle.

Collars, leads and harnesses are available in small, medium and large sizes across a wide range of reflective, designs and classic colours.
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Mouth-watering meals for deserving dogs

Lily's Kitchen think their dog food is the best you can get. Each recipe is unique and is made with the freshest ingredients available – for example the meat from their tins is delivered fresh in the morning and their food is made in the afternoon.

They use 100% fresh meat in their recipes. Unlike all other pet food companies they do not use any meat meals. This means their food is exceptionally nutritious, delicious and easily digestible (it’s been a long time since Lily had a windy moment!)

Good food is an investment in your dog’s health…..and happiness!
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A Life Jacket Designed for your Dog

Combining advanced manufacturing techniques and the highest performance materials - EzyDog has yet again set the benchmark for canine products! The Doggy Flotation Device has been designed and extensively tested to give your dog the most ergonomic and snug fit possible. Our unique Ultra-Buoyancy Foam is strategically positioned around the vest to keep your dog in a natural swimming position at all times. Unlike other vests, the DFD does not hinder your dog's natural movement and can be fastened/removed easily and quickly.
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Interactive toys for dogs

Dogs are naturally curious creatures — KONG interactive toys stimulate and captivate those amazing senses.
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