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This is the story of Oliver, a much loved shih tzu. Oliver fell from a balcony, some six metres up and landed on hard concrete. Being such a small dog, Oliver suffered multiple injuries including a fractured pelvis and a pneumothorax (punctured lung) He was rushed to the vets and underwent intensive surgery at Anderson Sturgess, a renown specialist orthopaedic unit. The surgery was successful, however his road to recovery had really only just begun.
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Oliver's owner, Lulu Marodeen searched the Internet for rehabilitation advice and found The Wickham Canine Rehabilitation Centre on her doorstep. When the team met Oliver, it was easy to see why he has such a huge fan club, he is adorable! Oliver's rehabilitation began with some physiotherapy sessions at The Hampshire Canine Physio Clinic, and a home exercise programme was developed for Lulu to continue on a daily basis. Oliver responded well and then the next stage of his recovery programme began - hydrotherapy sessions at our pool, Hydrotherapy-Four Paws.
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Now shih tzus aren't known for their love of water, so the team began slowly. The hydrotherapy pool is kept at a toasty temperature of around 28-30° C and with much encouragement, Oliver started to swim. It was important to develop his muscle mass on his hind legs to support his hip, or else the earlier surgery could fail. Over the weeks, Oliver has responded to his pool physiotherapy including mastering such techniques as moving on a surf board! (to encourage hind leg placement) and now walks with barely a limp and weight bears on his injured leg well.

The best news is that Oliver can finally have his toys and tennis balls back to play with - so all in all a very happy dog!
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