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Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine is the treatment of various conditions using herbal extracts (these are either given as a liquid, tablet, capsule, or tea for internal use or as a cream, gel, or shampoo for external use). The tradition of treating animals and humans with herbs is centuries old and many of today’s conventional drugs are developed from plants. Many thousands of chemicals are contained within one plant, whereas a conventional drug is just one chemical. Using an herb to help support an animal in its fight against a certain condition can mean that all of the chemicals within that herb work together synergistically. An herbal tonic is made individually to meet an animals specific needs taking into account the whole animal, treating the primary complaint but also supporting the rest of the animal’s body in its fight against disease. Herbal tonics and herbal tablets/capsules can often be used alongside many conventional medications. Herbal Medicine can be used in many chronic conditions including skin disease, cancer, respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal complaints, joint and muscular problems.

Please do call or email Susan to discuss your pet’s individual needs further.

What to expect

After obtaining your pets clinical history from your primary care vet a visit can be arranged. During the visit Susan will give your pet a full clinical examination, discuss diet, lifestyle, and medical history as well as current symptoms, advice can be given regarding any changes that could help your pet. If you have any questions regarding herbal medicine these can be discussed and Susan will discuss her recommendations with you. Each herbal prescription is made specifically for the animal in question so this can take a few days, once it is ready Susan will contact you and arrange for it to be posted to you or you can come to collect it.
Herbal medicine for dogs from The Wickham Canine Rehabilitation Centre

Case Study


Emily had been diagnosed with hip dysplasia at a young age. She managed well on conventional medication and hydrotherapy for many years. As she became older she started to struggle a little and acupuncture was added into her regime which improved her condition for another few years. Emily then developed a sensitivity to her conventional medication and was no longer able to take it. So a phytotherapy tonic was formulated that not only provided pain relief but also provided herbs to help support her liver, herbs rich in antioxidants and herbs to help stimulate her circulation to support her in her old age. Emily is still a very active dog despite her medical history, and is able to enjoy walks with her owner once again.
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